7 Reasons to work with us:

We provide an easy and simple to use service which lifts the burden of administering the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), Pay as you Earn (PAYE) and make sense of complex employment/tax regulation.

Our commitment to continuous improvement delivers:

  1. A PROVEN track record in HMRC Compliance;
  2. FIRST-CLASS Tax & Employment Advisors;
  3. BEST PRACTICE compliance advice;
  4. ACCURATE and bespoke contracts;
  5. UNIQUE communication processes;
  6. MARKET LEADING payment software and
  7. FULL NIC debt insurance.

This  investment will save you time and money; streamline your payments processes; keep your business compliant; provide peace of mind and crucially leave you free to concentrate on what you do best, run your business!

No other commercial contractor offers this combination of: innovation, compliance, security, reliability, experience and value for money.

CIS or PAYE contracts and payments?

UK construction and logistics businesses are faced with unprecedented economic and competitive challenges: Squeezed contract prices; delayed payment terms; onerous retention clauses and spiralling fuel and materials costs to name a few. Factor in the administrative burden and penalties for non-compliance with CIS or PAYE – and the  financial consequences of engaging your workforce on the wrong contractual terms – there is limited scope for error if contractors are to turn a modest profit.

You Are In Safe Hands

Reach Group’s experienced team understands the commercial risks and administrative burdens facing your business; we have designed a cost-effective service to help you eliminate risk and “red tape”.  Our clients work with us safe in the knowledge that no other company offers our unique mix of security, experience, compliance and value for money. In brief we can take responsibility for:

  • Assessing HMRC compliance and employment status risks;
  • Drafting CIS or PAYE contracts, keeping those documents up to date and safe;
  • Communicating and ensuring contractual terms are understood and agreed by all parties;
  • End-to-end CIS payments & PAYE payroll processing on HMRC approved software;
  • Full Pension Auto Enrolment Management: assessments, enrolments, opt-outs, contribution calculations/payments;
  • Payment query handling;
  • Employment Tribunal claims i.e, holiday pay;
  • Defending tax status challenges;
  • Keeping you up to date with evolving regulation.

We carry industry specific insurance covering a very broad range of eventualities, including:

  • Personal Accident cover;
  • Market leading NIC Debt insurance; and
  • Professional Fees cover.